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UMC magnetic contactor series employ a modular design which allows quick and simple mounting of auxiliary contact blocks, timers, mechanical latching blocks, etc. It provides convenience, economic benefit and high reliability.

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Compact performance

TeSys K forms a complete range of reversing or non-reversing contactors, offering the best performance/compactness ratio and seamless integration in all your applications.

  • Common options available for all ratings: 6, 9, 12 A
  • Control circuits available: AC, DC, low-consumption DC, silent
  • Applications: 2.2 kW, 4.5 kW, 5.5 kW in AC3 and AC4
  • Connectors: screw clamp, faston connectors, spring terminals, pins for printed circuit board
  • Industry, infrastructure, building, etc :
  • Simple control systems
  • Zones sensitive to noise, disturbed mains supplies: silent contactor
  • Use compatible with programmable controller outputs: low-consumption contactor
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Take control of integration
In addition to its new look, the TeSys D contactor offers you quick simplesetup, while maintaining a compact size of 45 and 55 mm (40 to 65 A) as well as compliance with international standards. From 40 to 65 A versions are equiped with EverLink, this new patented terminal technology, assures a permanent tightening quality even in the event of conductor creep.
  • AC, DC, low-consumption DC control circuit
  • All types of starter: reversing or non-reversing, star/delta, by auto-transformer, etc
  • Connectors: spring terminal, EverLink terminal block, screw clamp, ring-type connection, Faston connector.
  • Easy and simple direct mounting beetween contactor and circuit breaker, according to  EverLink terminal block (from 40 to 65 A). 
  • Industry, infrastructure, building, etc:TeSys D contactors have been designed for perfect integration in control systems
  • They can be used to create motor starters for any type of application.
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The possibilities of a powerful offer
  • Pre assembled 3 pole AC-3 reversing contactors (115A – 265A) & 4 pole AC-1 change-over contactors (200-350A)
  • Wide range of AC (40…400Hz) and DC control voltages
  • Multiple options for connecting bus bars & cables
  • Wide range of accessories to improve flexibility & safety
  • Fast, simple mounting together with TeSys GV7-R circuit breaker for motor starter solution 
  • 2 pole (400A, 500A & 630A)
  • 3 pole (115 - 2600A)
  • 4 pole (115A - 780A) pole contactors
TeSys F AC3 range
  • For motor applications up to 450 kW / 440V
  • Control of all types of motors in normal or severe service conditions        
  TeSys F AC1 range
  • For switching applications 1250A to 2600 A/AC1
  •     TeSys F offers very high performance in motor control & power switching applications    
  •     Proven reliability & high electrical durability
  •     Combined with the LR9 electronic relay or GV7 motor circuit breaker, AC3 contactors are the ideal motor starters, offering quick & simpleselection 
  •     Shared accessories across the range offers greater flexibility
  •     Withdrawable type coils allow easy maintenance
  •     TeSys F contactors guarantee electrical coordination with fuses and Masterpact NW circuit breaker offers
  •     Control of all types of motors and distribution circuits
  •     Industry, infrastructure, building, Wind turbines , Photovoltaic, data centres, etc.
  •     Control of resistive, inductive and capacitive circuits
  •     Frequency drives and soft starters 
  •     Light distribution circuits, Induction furnaces, etc.
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3-pole contactors         
  • 6 to 630A (AC-3 category)       
  • 2.2 kW to 335 kW (AC3/400 V) 
  • AC control 
  • Embedded auxiliary contacts 
  • Designed to perform the essential motor starter and switching functions
  • Easy choice for simplicity and flexibility
  • Easy to install, easy to order, easy to understand
  • HVAC
  • Pumps
  • Telecom
  • GenSet
  • Textile
  • Packaging
  • Conveyer


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Mini contactors DILEM are ideal for small motors and where space is
limited. They have universal UL and CSA approvals. 3 Pole and 4 poles contactors with 
range from 12- 480V. Rated Operational Current at AC-3 is 6.6 A.

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Continual operation requires high operational reliability in the components used. The
DILM contactor achieves the best lifespan values in AC-3 applications and is ideal for
heavy AC-4 jogging.

  1. Easier engineering through identical construction sizes for AC- and DC-operated contactors
  2. Energy savings and higher packing density in control panel due to minimized heat dissipation
  3. High wiring security through doubled box terminals
  4. Less coupler relays: direct actuation from the PLC for contactors up to 32 A
  5. Easy engineering through integrated suppressor circuits for DC
  6. Uniform accessories for 3- and 4-pole contactors
  7. Mechanical interlock double conductor run mountable without additional separation gap
  8. Direct fieldbus connection through the communication system SmartWire-DT®, through plug-in type protective module
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